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Here’s some stuff that caught my eye online today:
Tekno Comics was probably the last big push for a publisher to get into the comic book publishing business. They got big names (Leonard Nimoy, Neil Gaiman, etc) to create different comics (or at least put their names on it) At the conventions like Chicago Comicon they had big displays with virtual reality and other shiny things. But I didn’t know they had a comic strip for Mickey Spillaine’s Mike Danger. I got the comic, but didn’t know about the strip. Maybe because it was literally in only a couple of newspapers…
Speaking of newspapers, it looks like their slide into obscurity continues, with the New Orleans Times-Picayune dropping publishing frequency to 3 times a week. Paul Harris pontificates on the matter.
And a guy tries to get the most out of his unlimited streaming of Netflix. Guest starring Jason London and Andrew McCarthy. And here’s the list of films he watched.

Richard Dawson RIP

Kathy and I were saddened to hear the news of Richard Dawson’s passing. Mark Evanier has a nice piece up on his blog about the man. Despite ending up being known for something he didn’t want to be known for, Dawson would take the time to make sure to spend time with the losing family on each episode of Family Feud not only posing for pictures, signing autographs, etc. but to leave them feeling that what happened wasn’t a major traumatic event, but just an inconsequential thing at the end. More important, he didn’t want the spotlight or any glory for it.

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New Shows This Fall

The TV season is winding down and we’ll be going into reruns soon. That’s fine with me, as I currently have 11% space available on my DVR. One thing I’d like to do this Summer is get that capacity increased.
And I’m going to need that capacity this Fall, from the looks of the 10 most promising new series this Fall. I’m not saying I want to see all of them, but try to keep me away from The Neighbors and Revolution (on Monday nights on NBC, let it be as good as Heroes when it started. Even more, let it stay good). And The Last Resort and Hannibal look intriguing. Kathy was a fan of the original Beauty And The Beast series in the 80s (and still wishes that the George C. Scott/Trish VanDevere Hallmark Hall Of Fame telling of the original tale was available on video)  When I read the synopsis to her the other night she said she’d give it a try, which is more than she’ll give the Tim Burton Dark Shadows.

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More Music Videos

Kathy said she wanted to see the real video, so here it is:

And she wanted to see this one too, so here you go:

I told her she could go to YouTube and type whatever she wanted to look for in the search bar, but no… It was just a couple of searches to find.
So keep yer reality shows and yer Snookies, MTV. It’s easier to watch the videos we want now thanks to the internet tubes. And keep yer bars, yer temples, yer massage parlors–
Oh, that reminds me…

80s Music Videos

Kathy said that she had fun watching music videos that people posted on Facebook the other day. You know, the ones from the 80s that played on MTV during their heyday. Yes, MTV once played music videos all the time. In fact, that’s what the “M” in MTV stood for, music. And yes, I would like it very much if you get off my lawn.
I would also love it very much if my internet quit going out. And I would really love it if Comcast would quit making their people post apologies to me every time I complain about it and would actually fix it. And if they could also quit making their call center employees try to upsell their services to people who call and complain, that would be really great. And I am sure they would love it as well. In what reality do you see people who are calling about problems with your service would even consider wanting to get more of it? Probably the same people you think really believe the “your call is very important to us” message you repeat while we wait to talk to someone. If my call is that important, why don’t you hire enough people to answer the phone right away? Might improve your chances of upselling you’re making your stressed out employees make.
Where was I? Oh yes, music videos. Thanks to Mark Evanier, I found out about this one group called Big Daddy (not to be confused with Big Daddy Weave, a Christian group that Kathy likes) Here’s their version of “The Land Down Under”:

I hate to spoil the joke, but I can’t find Mark’s original post. Beg Daddy’s shtick is that they take contemporary songs and do them fifties style. They even do some fifties song. Mark wrote that the band isn’t currently active, so I thought itwas important to make note of it here.
And as an apology to Kathy for misleading her, here’s a couple of her favorite music videos: