Around The Net 2/27/12

Here’s some of the things that caught my eye on the internet today:
The Oscars were last night. Mark Evanier realizes they are what they are, but Gary Sassaman wants everyone off his lawn. Ken Levine has his thoughts. And I thought I had an interesting observation… You’d think somebody in the theatre could’ve done something about the sound, though, as Peter David noted in the live blogging (among other remarks). Sounded like someone was pushing buttons on a Speak And Spell next to the mic. Wife Kathleen David has some good points.
Author cameos in movies. I didn’t know S.E. Hinton was a woman.
I’m all for copyright protection, but when YouTube videos are flagged for motorcycle sounds and ocean waves, isn’t it getting ridiculous?
Tomorrow is the deadline to get a San Diego Comicon ID number. You can’t get tickets without an ID number. Unless a lottery win happens, I won’t get to go this year, but I hope to someday, and I just registered for a number for future use.