A Note Of Sadness And Gladness

There’s a sad occasion as well as a happy occasion to note on this Leap Day. First, the sad note that Davy Jones passed away at 66. Made even sadder when you read Mark Evanier’s post just over a couple of weeks ago that included Jones’ delight at meeting a fan who, instead of wanting to talk about the Monkees, wanted to talk about Oliver! instead.
But there is happiness around today, as one of our cousins just gave birth to Kryie Elaine at 3:15 this morning. And its our friends Mark & Lisa Gibson’s anniversary today.

Around The Net 2/27/12

Here’s some of the things that caught my eye on the internet today:
The Oscars were last night. Mark Evanier realizes they are what they are, but Gary Sassaman wants everyone off his lawn. Ken Levine has his thoughts. And I thought I had an interesting observation… You’d think somebody in the theatre could’ve done something about the sound, though, as Peter David noted in the live blogging (among other remarks). Sounded like someone was pushing buttons on a Speak And Spell next to the mic. Wife Kathleen David has some good points.
Author cameos in movies. I didn’t know S.E. Hinton was a woman.
I’m all for copyright protection, but when YouTube videos are flagged for motorcycle sounds and ocean waves, isn’t it getting ridiculous?
Tomorrow is the deadline to get a San Diego Comicon ID number. You can’t get tickets without an ID number. Unless a lottery win happens, I won’t get to go this year, but I hope to someday, and I just registered for a number for future use.

Another Caturday

Kathy and I finished our work earlier today, which means that not only is it Caturday, but our vacation has started. We now have over a week without work obligations. We kicked it off by having some Cici’s Pizza, which we haven’t had in a long time, mainly because there aren’t any locations close by. We were glad to see a Disc Replay store a couple of doors down, and went in and picked up some DVDs. Kathy saw one for a British mystery show that looked interesting to her. Then we went to see The Secret World Of Arriety, which is loosely based on “The Borrowers” and is also the latest Studio Ghibli film released by Disney over here. Its starting on more screens this time, so maybe they’ll get their due here and bring out more of the back catalog on blu ray. More details to come, but here’s the original cat story linked by Fark to kick off Caturday this week.

Castle Links

One of Kathy’s favorite TV shows is Castle. In the latest Entertainment Weekly, there was an article about “shippers”, or fans who root for relationships, hence the term. And yes, the article mentions slash fiction and the Mary Sue as early precursors.
One of the people featured in the article was Kara Estes, who is not only a fan of Castle but runs the Castle Fanfic awards. I did an online search and couldn’t find her site, but I found some Castle fan fiction at the Castle wiki. And I found a blog about Richard Castle and Kate Beckett, or Caskett. I don’t know about the couple name…

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Super Bowl Spots

Okay, everybody else is talking about the extended Avengers commercial that was shown on the Super Bowl telecast. In case you haven’t seen it yet:

And I love not only that the internet has this up, but one of the posters at Bleeding Cool that posts under the name MisterSmith has a couple of animated jpgs of two cool scenes from the commercial.
And who are the aliens working with Loki in the movie? They’re saying they’re not Skrulls, most people are guessing Frost Giants from what was seen in the commercial, but Bleeding Cool has an interesting guess.
And how about that John Carter commercial? You only got 30 seconds, but here’s the minute version:

Kathy thought the commercial for the upcoming NBC series Awake looked intriguing. Here it is:

There were a couple of times I called Kathy into the room (she was online at the time) to see a commercial. We liked the Pepsi one with Sir Elton John and the Doritos with the dog. I would put up the videos here, but since Pepsi and Doritos are paying us less than they paid NBC (i.e.: nothing) you’ll have to look online for those. But Kathy wishes they’d bring back the Geico Woodchucks commercial, so here it is:

Welcome! Hope You Survive

In one of the early entries for this blog, I chronicled one of Kathy’s first encounters with the internet and finding out how much of a time-sink it was. In that post, I wrote that I said “Welcome to the internet, Kathy. Hope you survive the experience! Phrase copyright Marvel Comics.” For those of you who don’t get the reference, fellow blogger Bully The Little Stuffed Bull provides visual reference.