Civilian Conservation Corps

Sorry it’s been over a month since I last posted here. Work has been crazy, going 6 days a week. I’ve been getting back into the swing of things over at Mah Two Cents. One of the things I’ve been thinking about is continuing the original mission of Hey, Martha! which is to point out interesting things I’ve found online. Kathy may be stuck on Facebook, but like I imagined when I started this blog, I imagine there’s other people looking for interesting things online.
One of the things that just caught my eye was this post at the Mental Floss blog about the Civilian Conservation Corps, created in the Great Depression to not only provide work to the unemployed, but to improve their skills and morale. I’ve been to the Rockefeller Memorial at the Great Smoky Mountains, but didn’t know that’s where it came from.
Wish there was something like that nowadays. There’s a lot that needs to be done, and a lot of people out of work. Also a lot of empty houses, as has been pointed out in several places.

New Stuff

Here’s some stuff that caught my eye online today:
Tekno Comics was probably the last big push for a publisher to get into the comic book publishing business. They got big names (Leonard Nimoy, Neil Gaiman, etc) to create different comics (or at least put their names on it) At the conventions like Chicago Comicon they had big displays with virtual reality and other shiny things. But I didn’t know they had a comic strip for Mickey Spillaine’s Mike Danger. I got the comic, but didn’t know about the strip. Maybe because it was literally in only a couple of newspapers…
Speaking of newspapers, it looks like their slide into obscurity continues, with the New Orleans Times-Picayune dropping publishing frequency to 3 times a week. Paul Harris pontificates on the matter.
And a guy tries to get the most out of his unlimited streaming of Netflix. Guest starring Jason London and Andrew McCarthy. And here’s the list of films he watched.

Found Online 4/22

Here are some things that caught my eye online today…
Levine’s Laws. I bet some of us could come up with some laws of our own.
It’s interesting who you become friends with on Facebook. Today because of a mutual friend, I became friends with Jughead. (Sorry, Derrel, couldn’t resist!)
No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, I think we all agree that things are falling apart, and it’s especially evident in Muncie. I wish we could quit pointing fingers and assigning blame and work together to do something about it.


Around The Net 2/27/12

Here’s some of the things that caught my eye on the internet today:
The Oscars were last night. Mark Evanier realizes they are what they are, but Gary Sassaman wants everyone off his lawn. Ken Levine has his thoughts. And I thought I had an interesting observation… You’d think somebody in the theatre could’ve done something about the sound, though, as Peter David noted in the live blogging (among other remarks). Sounded like someone was pushing buttons on a Speak And Spell next to the mic. Wife Kathleen David has some good points.
Author cameos in movies. I didn’t know S.E. Hinton was a woman.
I’m all for copyright protection, but when YouTube videos are flagged for motorcycle sounds and ocean waves, isn’t it getting ridiculous?
Tomorrow is the deadline to get a San Diego Comicon ID number. You can’t get tickets without an ID number. Unless a lottery win happens, I won’t get to go this year, but I hope to someday, and I just registered for a number for future use.

Sunday Linky Goodness

Kathy’s still checking out the Duggar Family Blog (link at right) and getting into Facebook, so in case she comes across this (and heck, everybody else reading this) here’s some good stuff I came across online today:
Reading is fun and mental. The government’s tying in to the upcoming John Carter film by offering the original story on their website.
Mark Evanier talks about an article that lists 5 things you’ll never own. Like Mark, I don’t own these items and also like Mark, have no reason to even want them. He also writes about Johnny Carson’s 15 minute flu and how political defeat or success doesn’t stop the business of politics.
And I wrote some posts: about the time Ghostbusters was on HBO a month after the very first video release on Christmas Eve 1985, why I’m down about the Super Bowl in Indiana, and contributing to the Five For Friday weekly list at Comics Reporter.

Kathy’s On Facebook

The other day, Kathy said that she wanted to get on Facebook. A coworker of hers’ originally got me into it a while back, and she wanted to sign up and connect with people. So I helped her through the process last night (I know, its real easy, but she’s still taking baby steps into the internet tubes, and I’m glad to be back up). Its good when you’re venturing into unknown territory you’ve got someone to help you out.
So she signed up, and send me a friend request. I turned on my laptop and replied so she’d have one right away. As she checked on it, she got excited that more and more people responded. She was so happy to find she had 5 friends, and then 10 friends. And last I checked, she was up to 20. So if you’re on Facebook and want to friend her, she can be found here. Just mention you saw this on Hey, Martha! and we’ll take it from here.
Last night, I went to the movies to see the simulcast of “Kevin Smith: Live From Behind” I write about it here. One of the things Smith mentioned was getting his Smod Pictures up and running to get other films out there that got passed by, and enjoying the journey and discovery of filmmaking through new eyes, since life experiences can’t be done yourself again. That’s one reason I do this blog, to enjoy the discovery of the internet through Kathy’s eyes. Maybe 5 or 10 friends when you start on Facebook isn’t much to some of you, but she was so excited about it, and it was fun to experience the joy through her.

Not Much Of An Update

Apologies for the lack of recent entries. There seems to be a dry spell going on in the internet. Not only that, but Kathy hasn’t been online that much lately. There are just so many hours in the day and so much to do. And when you come down to it, being online should be something fun, not a chore. She did say something about signing up on Facebook soon, so I’ll let you know so you can friend her. And since its the first of the month, the new apartment guide should be coming out soon, letting her do virtual tours online.
Meanwhile, I came across this piece by Bob Rozakis about weather forecasting. Since “chances of” forecasting was a topic of interest and discussion with Kathy’s mom, I thought she would enjoy reading it.

Bueller And The Avengers

A couple of cool things found on the internet this morning: one is the special 3D glasses that will be issued with The Avengers movie in May. Word is they’ll cost more, but just the things for collectors to get over the 3D premium charge theatres charge.
The other thing is last week there was a tease for a Ferris Bueller-like commercial for the Super Bowl. Now the whole commercial is online:

The interesting thing is that by writing about and putting the commercials up here on the blog, I realize that I’m providing free publicity for Honda and Volkswagen. With both Kathy and I coming from union automaker families, I’m sure they’d have a lot to say about that. But all the commercial wants me to do is to see Ferris Bueller’s Day Off again like Kathleen David said. But that’s the thing with these Super Bowl commercials, they get people talking about the commercials long after they’ve run. Apple’s “1984” commercial was only run once, and its still a topic of discussion.