Taking The 5th

Well, it’s the day after the 4th of July. We didn’t get to to the fireworks, but we got to watch them on TV, via PBS’ “A Capitol Fourth” special. Kathy’s still unhappy about not getting to see live fireworks, so if you didn’t get any because they were cancelled (or you were in San Francisco) here’s something for you:

More fireworks can be found at Mental Floss.

Happy 4th Of July

Today’s the 4th of July, and I have a day off. I did get up early to go to Burger King to get Kathy a Croissandwich. Unfortunately, the drought has cancelled a lot of the fireworks tonight. Kathy will have to contend with watching them on TV later. But from my blog post last year at this time, here’s one of the staples of our local fireworks shows each year:

And here’s an article about different fireworks effects.
You know, last year at this time, I woke up to find an e-mail from my old hosting company for Mah Two Cents was going to close down in a few months. I was worried about how it would affect the traffic, getting people to read my blogs. Months after moving to a new hosting company, it looks like I have plenty of spammers, dunno about the readers. But I have a place to write what I want, and will keep it going as long as I have something to say (or want a place to play).

More Music Videos

Kathy said she wanted to see the real video, so here it is:

And she wanted to see this one too, so here you go:

I told her she could go to YouTube and type whatever she wanted to look for in the search bar, but no… It was just a couple of searches to find.
So keep yer reality shows and yer Snookies, MTV. It’s easier to watch the videos we want now thanks to the internet tubes. And keep yer bars, yer temples, yer massage parlors–
Oh, that reminds me…

80s Music Videos

Kathy said that she had fun watching music videos that people posted on Facebook the other day. You know, the ones from the 80s that played on MTV during their heyday. Yes, MTV once played music videos all the time. In fact, that’s what the “M” in MTV stood for, music. And yes, I would like it very much if you get off my lawn.
I would also love it very much if my internet quit going out. And I would really love it if Comcast would quit making their people post apologies to me every time I complain about it and would actually fix it. And if they could also quit making their call center employees try to upsell their services to people who call and complain, that would be really great. And I am sure they would love it as well. In what reality do you see people who are calling about problems with your service would even consider wanting to get more of it? Probably the same people you think really believe the “your call is very important to us” message you repeat while we wait to talk to someone. If my call is that important, why don’t you hire enough people to answer the phone right away? Might improve your chances of upselling you’re making your stressed out employees make.
Where was I? Oh yes, music videos. Thanks to Mark Evanier, I found out about this one group called Big Daddy (not to be confused with Big Daddy Weave, a Christian group that Kathy likes) Here’s their version of “The Land Down Under”:

I hate to spoil the joke, but I can’t find Mark’s original post. Beg Daddy’s shtick is that they take contemporary songs and do them fifties style. They even do some fifties song. Mark wrote that the band isn’t currently active, so I thought itwas important to make note of it here.
And as an apology to Kathy for misleading her, here’s a couple of her favorite music videos:

Change O’ Plans

You know how they say that if you want to make God laugh announce your plans? Well, it looks like that’s what happened to our plans for tomorrow for Kathy and me to take in a double bill of October Baby and The Hunger Games.  Checking the times at our favorite theatre, it looks like the 1:50 showing of October Baby is unavailable. I’m guessing that’s the first showing after people get out of church and they got their tickets already. I’m not going to travel 20 miles to find out. And even with Hunger Games showing on 4 screens (and IMAX, but that’s too rich for our blood at this point in time) there’s no real way to pull it off without either making a mad dash or spending more money than we’ve got. So it looks like we’ll be going on Monday (unless something happens with that)
But the good thing is that I’ve got Kathy reading the book. She was reluctant given the premise, but a quick glance at the book showed that one could get a good idea if they liked the book or not from the first chapter. It isn’t like other tales that involve more of an investment (for example, Babylon 5 is one of our favorite shows, but we’ll both be the first to admit that the first season is a slog to get through, and the story doesn’t really get going until season 2)  But Hunger Games, I figure one chapter is enough to decide if it’s for you or not. So I asked her to read one chapter and if she didn’t like it, that’s fine. No harm, no foul. But she just came into the living room announcing that she read the first two chapters.
But like I told Kathy, I’m not writing every detail of our lives on my blogs, but I did promise all y’all more content on this blog.


A Note Of Sadness And Gladness

There’s a sad occasion as well as a happy occasion to note on this Leap Day. First, the sad note that Davy Jones passed away at 66. Made even sadder when you read Mark Evanier’s post just over a couple of weeks ago that included Jones’ delight at meeting a fan who, instead of wanting to talk about the Monkees, wanted to talk about Oliver! instead.
But there is happiness around today, as one of our cousins just gave birth to Kryie Elaine at 3:15 this morning. And its our friends Mark & Lisa Gibson’s anniversary today.

Super Bowl Spots

Okay, everybody else is talking about the extended Avengers commercial that was shown on the Super Bowl telecast. In case you haven’t seen it yet:

And I love not only that the internet has this up, but one of the posters at Bleeding Cool that posts under the name MisterSmith has a couple of animated jpgs of two cool scenes from the commercial.
And who are the aliens working with Loki in the movie? They’re saying they’re not Skrulls, most people are guessing Frost Giants from what was seen in the commercial, but Bleeding Cool has an interesting guess.
And how about that John Carter commercial? You only got 30 seconds, but here’s the minute version:

Kathy thought the commercial for the upcoming NBC series Awake looked intriguing. Here it is:

There were a couple of times I called Kathy into the room (she was online at the time) to see a commercial. We liked the Pepsi one with Sir Elton John and the Doritos with the dog. I would put up the videos here, but since Pepsi and Doritos are paying us less than they paid NBC (i.e.: nothing) you’ll have to look online for those. But Kathy wishes they’d bring back the Geico Woodchucks commercial, so here it is:

Welcome! Hope You Survive

In one of the early entries for this blog, I chronicled one of Kathy’s first encounters with the internet and finding out how much of a time-sink it was. In that post, I wrote that I said “Welcome to the internet, Kathy. Hope you survive the experience! Phrase copyright Marvel Comics.” For those of you who don’t get the reference, fellow blogger Bully The Little Stuffed Bull provides visual reference.